UV Protection during snorkeling – Protect your skin

Have you ever made the mistake to get sunburnt on the first day of your holiday?

I admit, I made it many times…

You know the feeling, you are happy about the sea, about the sun, and go directly into the water after arrival. Your skin is not used to the tropical sun, maybe just the neon light touches it in the office, and you will get so fast sunburnt.

I think it is not necessary to emphasize how important is UV protection on the beach, in the water, where the sun’s rays are reflected most strongly.

If you go snorkeling, the time goes soooo fast. You will be admired by the beauties, you will loose your sense of time, it can be that you will spend 1,5-2 hours in the water.

During snorkeling the most compromised areas on the body is the head, the shoulders, the waist area and the calves.

Therefore I suppose always wear something on your body, the best is to wear UV Protection clothes.

One other advantage is to wear clothes in the water is that your feeling of temperature will be a bit better. I have not believed at first, but when I tried I felt the water is a bit warmer if I use shirt, and I can stay longer in it.

Fortunately there are always more and more UV protection products on the market from different companies, let’s see now some of them!

But first of all, I would like write some extra words about head UV protection. Your head is almost all the time out of the water during snorkeling, and the wet scalp can sunburn much more faster than other parts of your body. Sunburnt on your scalp could be painful and dangerous ( heat stroke ).

You can avoid these if you wear a cap or headscarf.


bare neoprene cap
Protect your head against UV rays


For women could be a good solution a 3in1 headscarf, because it will hold your hair as well, it won’t be float , the shorter locks won’t be disturb you

UV Protection


UV Shirts

You will find a lot of UV shirts on the web if you search UV shirts, Rash Guard, or Surfshirt, your only task is to choose which one fits your style 🙂  Bigger brands I know : Mares, IQ-Company, Tribord from Decathlon, Cressi, Qucksilver, O’Neill, Billabong.

I have found some good description on the Decathlon website about the UV protection shirts’ material: ( Model is Tribord 500 SS15 )

  • the material is UVP 50 + textile which is 80 % elasthane and 20 % polyester with ceramic treads
  • UVP is a worldwide standard, it means that the material blocks minimum the 95 % of the UV rays
  • UVP 50 means the material blocks the 95 % of the UV-B rays and 98 % of the UV-A rays
  • it is sand repulsive
  • dries fast
  • let your skin breathe

This is the model I wanna buy and try for the season ! I have some older models from Decathlon, I was satisfied with them, so I hope the new ones are also good !


tribord rush guard
Long Rash Guard



uv protection system


UV shorts, suits

You also can buy shorts and full suits from UV protection material. Here also your style will decide, there are so many different types on the market.

Do you have already UV Shirt? – If don’t check these:

I prefer wearing a full UV Protection suit (Rash -guard) because there is no need to use sunscreen on the body and the suit also protect you against jellyfish.

So safety first, protect yourself and have a nice holiday 🙂

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