Snorkeling with more than 400 stingrays!

What a unique experience ! Snorkeling with stingrays! 🙂

Well, when we read about Joost and Sandy, we were so jealous in a positive meaning !

The photographer couple spent their holiday in Mexico. In the morning, they went snorkeling and photographed dolphins close to Isla Espiritu Santo, in the Sea of Cortez.

They were already so amazed by the dolphins, they felt themselves very satisfied and wanted to go the to other side of the island for lunch.

But suddenly they noticed interesting disturbance in the water , school of more than 400 stingrays were swimming very close to the surface!

more than 400 stingrays

The rays migrate twice yearly, north in the late spring and south in the late autumn. There are around 70 species of stingray in the world's oceans. These animals look very friendly, but despite their placid looks, they are still armed with a poisonous stinger. The stinger, a razor - sharp spine that grows from the creature's whip-like tail, can reach almost 15 inches in length and carries a heady dose of venom.

They attack only when they feel themselves threatened, usually they use their "gun" against bigger predators and sharks.

Joost and Sandy said, everything happened so quickly, first they noticed little white tips broke the water and then one bigger stingray jumped out of the water like an amazing bird ! They use their extended pectoral fins to swim, and often turn upside down, curling their fin tips above the surface of the water.

They knew this is not an everyday experience, so asked the captain to drop them in the water close to the stingrays. They grabbed their cameras, fins and jumped back in the water !

stingrays group

The stingrays were swimming once on the surface and then deeper, the visibility was not perfect, but despite of these circumstances Joost made some stunning photos while Sandy was snorkeling with these beautiful creatures.

Enjoy their photos and videos 🙂

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