Snorkeling with aircrafts on St. Maarten

Have you ever had the idea snorkeling with aircrafts above your head ?

Daniel Botelho has it and made some interesting photos on the tropical island of St. Maarten. I think this location is on the “bucket list” of every beach lovers, absolutely a place to go !

Daniel and his work on St. Maarten

Daniel, a famous marine photographer, came up with idea to go to the Maho Beach with his model, Ane. His goal was to take photos about his model when a jet is flying over her.

He said, it was one of the hardest work in his life. He and Ane spent one week, nearly 8 hours every day in the water waiting for the perfect moment.

He had just few seconds to take photos by each plane, and sometimes no single photo succeeded. Sometimes the wind made to big waves, sometimes it stirred up the water and due to the sand the visibility was bad. Sometimes his model was not in the perfect position, so his project really needed patient and concentration.

He really wanted to make some good shots about the KLM Jumbo Jet 747, which comes only 3 times a week to St. Maarten.

To see the photos of Daniel, we can say it was worth the effort to feature the Maho Beach from an other aspect.

Snorkeling with aircrafts Snorkeling on St. Maarten Snorkeling with aircrafts on St. Maarten

Teaser Photo Attribution: by Daniel Botelho

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