River snorkeling – Adventures in Austria

If you hear the word snorkeling, I am sure you see the blue, clear sea, the coral gardens with the million fish, imagine a tropical destination.

To tell the truth, yes, for snorkeling holidays the best places are the tropical ones. But there are other interesting snorkeling places around the world as well !

Let’s see now one in the heart of Europe, in Austria. Austria has a beautiful landscape, there are clear lakes and rivers between the mountains of the Alps.

If you wanna do something special, we suggest to try the river snorkeling in Upper Austria. The location is Viecht am Traunfall, where you can make a mix tour starts with simple snorkeling but continues with swimming in wild water between rocks, finally ends in wider but calm river.

The place is really a hidden gem. I think there is no need to explain it, just look at this pictures :

Schnorcheln Österreich

Clear Water in Austria

River Snorkeling Tour

You will start your snorkel tour in a spring-water area jumping into the water from 3-4 meters high. It is really funny, do not miss this jump !

Adventures in Austria

Here the water is a bit fresh, but therefore is mostly clear. You can discover how interesting forms created the water in the rocks, see some little underwater caves and watch some fish like trout, eel, mulett , and river crabs.

If you love the adrenalin, here you will get it as well ! The water continues its road towards the river between big rocks. Here you should be a bit careful, find your way, but for a sporty snorkeler it will be easy ! ( It is important to wear a wet-suit 5 or 7 mm thick, gloves, hoodie and shoes to protect yourself ! )

Schnorcheln in Österreich

After the “canyoning” part of the tour the river bed will be wider again, with the opportunity swimming in cliffs and in little canals.

Before entering the main river, you will visit the “Underwater Grand Canyon”

Underwater Grand Canyon in Austria

Do not be afraid to swim into the river, the current will be a bit stronger but it is not dangerous ! In the river there are further river fish species like pike and carp. If you are lucky, you will see big pikes as well !

River snorkel in Austria

You can book the snorkel tours by the local dive bases. They know the area the best, can suggest also other tours depending on your snorkel experience and help with equipment, so just Google them or ask us for contact if you plan to visit this area !

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