Reef Interactive – Underwater world from a new perspective

Reef Interactive for tablet

Explore underwater – first virtually with Reef Interactive, second real

Would you like to discover reefs on your smartphone or on your computer ? Nowadays there are more companies who create 3D maps about coral reefs, so planning your trips or searching the suitable places will be every day easier and amusing.

An Austrian Start-up company mixed high resolution sonar, satellite and video data and created the world’s first interactive reef maps.

Although the app is mostly for divers, we think there are many reefs suitable for snorkelers.

You could get useful information if you study the interactive reef maps before snorkeling or diving.

The application is available now in beta-version in the App Store and in the Google Play or you can download in Mac or in PC version .

The basic software is free, you can download interactive reef maps for a charge.

The Reef Interactive offers now Over 120 spots within the Red Sea ready to explore. The Reef Interactive start-up plans more maps to offers, they would like to explore and complete more and more spots internationally.

The interactive reef map of The Big Brother Island is available in the beta version without registration for free.

If you select the reef map, you will see the following info :

  • short description about the place
  • the underwater landscape
  • depths
  • distances
  • main currents
  • temperature and visibility data
  • some photos about the marine life and location

Reef Interactive App


There are 4 different viewing modes:

  • Terrain view : seafloor maps based on high resolution satellite scans and real divers’ data
  • Natural View : technical and briefing information depending on the seasons and daytime
  • Depth View : complete depth map about the place The points are measured and linked to GPS points.
  • Dive mode : you have the chance to make a virtual tour on the spot to get first impressions

For more information, visit the Reef Interactive official site !

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