Why are we snorkeling? How it started?

Thank you, last minute! We could say our snorkel mania was born on a last minute holiday 🙂 We have started our underwater adventures with diving and we are still in love it, but there are some practical things why snorkeling took the first place in our heart.

Some years ago, we have found a very good LM offer to Egypt, it would be totally stupid to miss it, so we decided to travel. We knew how beautiful is the Red Sea, but before this holiday we thought we must go diving to see its beauties.

We did not really checked the hotel we booked and its shore ( there was no time before traveling for things like this 😀 ) so just packed our masks, snorkels and fins and hoped we will see something in the water. And we have seen 🙂

The hotel had a great location, wonderful house reef, so we have spent all days on the beach with snorkeling ( OK, we also ate, slept, and made some bazar trips, but who cares things like this if you could go snorkeling 🙂 )

We think, if you would like to have a comfortable holiday but are also interested in uderwater life, to choose a hotel with own housereef is the best solution. A snorkeling holiday has a very good price / value rate !

Let see now some reasons why we prefer snorkeling:

  • super easy to learn – no course is needed
  • you need less equipment – do not need to fly with heavy packages, do not need to pay more for scuba equipment
  • dressing up is easy and fast
  • if you choose right the place, you can snorkel hours and miles long directly in front of your hotel
  • you are free in time – you go into the water whenever you want and you stay as long as you want
  • you can see a lot of beautiful things during snorkeling as well – We can say, if you are lucky, you can see also rays, mantas, whaleshars, but turtles, morays for sure !
  • cost effective – there are no extra costs compare with a normal beach holiday
  • special extreme sport insurance is not necessary
  • although is more fun with others, you can go snorkeling alone as well

El Fanar Beach

So, would you like to go snorkeling ?

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