Snorkeling adventures fins on, let’s start

There are so many beautiful places above the water. And we think, underwater as well. Miracles, what we must see.

Red Sea Reef

When we see parts of underwater life, we always feel we need more and more of it.

The way we discover underwater is snorkeling. We are hobby snorkelers, so please forgive us if we or our photos are not professionals 🙂 But we starts to see snorkeling like “the way of our life” so we wanna develop ourselves, explore beautiful places and know more about snorkeling and equipments as well. When we are planning a holiday we try to find places with cool housereefs and good snorkel opportunities. Out of the bed – directly into the water 🙂 It sounds good, isn’t it ?

On this blog, we will share useful infos, descriptions about the best snorkel spots , and our own sometimes funny pics as well. Because the most important thing is to feel yourself good and when we are in the water we feel ourselves cool and make some underwater fun.

Snorkeling always fun :)

If you are also a fanatic snorkeler, follow us why we have the same madness, if you are not yet one, follow us and maybe you will!

One thought on “Snorkeling adventures fins on, let’s start

  • 2016-04-20 at 13:47

    I’ve been trying to decide what to do for this year’s summer family vacation. I think snorkeling would be a blast for us! I’ve never done anything like it before, but these pictures make it look so amazing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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