Our adventures are your adventures – Your adventures are our adventures

That is our main slogan. We love the water, the sea, endless ocean and the underwater world. We think you do too, because you are here on our site!

As we are very keen about snorkeling and freediving, we are always looking for info about the best snorkeling places, reading articles about the marine life and snorkeling gear. One day we were thinking about why not share the info with others, collect pictures about the locations together with snorkelers from all over the world? So the idea of this site was born.

We believe in the power of sharing, that is the reason why we handle the Snorkel Around The World  as a community.

We are posting photos and information about our own adventures, but you also have the chance to share your ones. Actually we ask you to share your underwater photos on our sites, help each other to know the best coral reefs, get info about marine life or snorkeling accessories!

We are very happy that our Instagram community is growing every day and you tag #snorkelaroundtheworld on more and more photos. Check out our feed regularly, where we upload every day our own photos, videos and feature your pictures!

On our blog we post location descriptions, news from the underwater world and gear info.

As we are from Europe, in the middle of our interest is the Red Sea. It has one of the most beautiful marine life on the world, so we think we are lucky to see it time and time again. We will write and post a lot about the best snorkeling spots of the Red Sea, but of course about other snorkel places around the world. About places, where we would like to travel, or it is worth to travel and snorkel.

Your adventures, photos, location info are always welcome by us! If you would like to share something, feel free to contact us in e-mail, via Instagram or Facebook.

Discover the best snorkeling places together, help each other with info, share your passion and experience!


Snorkel Around The World Team

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